Judgment belongs to God alone! Leave it alone…

arms.wide.open  ~ … ” Judge not, least you be judged” … ~

We as Christians should never judge another persons sin. The Bible makes this very clear… Jesus said to the ones who had hauled in a women caught in adultery, “He among you who has no sin, let him be the one to throw the first stone.” Of course there was only one there who was able to cast the stone and He did not, so what should that tell us?

I know all the arguments about using our discernment and such. I have heard all the excuses claiming that using our judgment is not judging the other person. I know we know sin when we see it in another, we just rarely see our own, in us!  That is the problem…

We are quick to point out what is wrong with someone else, not so quick to look in the mirror. I can see your faults much sooner than I realize my own, or can I..? ..No I believe that is exactly why we will point at other people first; we realize we are just as guilty, often of the same “exact sin” we are calling out in another and if not the exact, one very similar. Why do we do this? ..It makes me feel better about me, that’s why… and it makes you feel better about you too! That is why we do it, it temporarily gets me off the hook and allows me to put you on it and vice versa. Don’t say it’s not true, you know it is and I do too.

The Bible is full of places where it tells us not to do this and I am not even going to start naming verses and such; You know what they say and so do I. What I am going to say is very simple. We need to stop it. Why? … Well the most apparent reason would be, it makes us hypocrites. Judging someone else when you are just as guilty is hypocrisy plain and simple.

The Bible tells us if we do this, we will be judged in like manner. God will not judge us on account of it… because He keeps no records of wrongs, but people do. You do and I do, and we just end up judging and criticizing and crucifying one another’s character. We pass judgment on ourselves… and we show everyone how immature and unloving we really are.  Is that enough? .. No, another thing we do when we judge others is, we allow our own sin to remain, believing that since someone else is now on trial, no one is watching me and that my friend is deadly. Your sins will find you out… so will mine!

I think if we could all just show each other some mercy and grace for a change, maybe we could return the favor (grace) when life calls “our own sin” out into the open. What do you think? …Take the lady caught in adultery, do you think she went out the next week and drug someone else before the elders and townspeople demanding they be stoned? I doubt it very much. She had been shown love, mercy, grace, patience and understanding by the only One in the world who was truly qualified to judge her. … Jesus let her go, without condemning her, much unlike her friends.

I do not believe in tolerating sin or ignoring it, especially my own. Sin will destroy us if we allow it to continue to work its wickedness in us and out of us into others. I am learning though, to be patience with myself and with you too. I know when it is time for sin to be dealt with, it will be dealt with. I hope when it’s my turn to be on the hook, I will be surrounded by folks that I have been patience with… People that I just kept on loving and praying for. Guys and Gals I have helped to overcome, without being judgmental and critical.

I already know how Jesus will judge me, He already has. He has stood up for me and been Judged in my place. He has already taken the punishment my sins deserved. He still loves me totally and completely. He sees nothing disappointing in me whatsoever. So, I will try to do the same for you. … When Jesus deals with me, He says: “go and sin no more.” Then He gives me the power and the “will power” to do just that….

The next time you see someone caught in sin… be kind and loving and forgiving towards them. You never know… they may be on your jury some day in the future!

Think about It!!!


3 Comments on “Judgment belongs to God alone! Leave it alone…”

  1. joecruzmn says:

    Great post. Judgement is for God alone not us. Great read

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