The Word of God… a book? a man? a message? a manual?


~ and you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”…

I love the Bible. I think most Christians love the Bible… but many of us have different views of the Bible!  I am not going into who I think is right or wrong… or even if any of us are right or wrong!  I am going to just post some of my own thoughts on the subject…  You may agree or disagree, that is not the point. The point is; I think most, if not all of us share these same questions and sometimes we just do not allow ourselves the freedom to think outside of our religious upbringing.

So, here goes, if you are with me, keep reading, if not, that’s Ok too!

The Bible, I believe is first of all a history book. The history of a people whom God chose from the beginning to “begin” to reveal Himself to and through. Most of us today have come to think and believe that this people was/is the nation of Israel and that may be the case, .. but is that the whole story?  Adam was not an Israelite, nor was Eve… Noah and his wife and sons and their wives were not Israelites… Abraham, Sarah, Isaac nor Rebecca were Israelites. Esau was not an Israelite and neither was Jacob, at birth…   Jacob, “became” Israel when God changed his name! …Funny too, is that many times God identifies Himself as “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” without making reference to the name change at all. Interesting don’t you think?

There is way too much theology to get into concerning the above information and that is not the point of this blog…  But, what does this say to your thoughts concerning who God’s “chosen people” really are???  Am I saying Israel is not God’s chosen?… absolutely not, they are, and so are you and so am I. We are ALL God’s chosen people… The Israelites were just the first to grab hold of the idea and run with it, so to speak.

So, first of all “I believe the Bible is a history book.


Secondly, Do I believe the Bible is a Man? … No, I do not. I do believe However that the Bible itself reveals that the “WORD OF GOD” is a man, the Man Jesus Christ… Read John’s gospel chapter 1… “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God… He was with God in the beginning.” Later in the same gospel we read “and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” I believe the Bible itself is declaring that Jesus is the “Word of God made man”…

There is much debate today over the inerrancy and infallibility of the Scriptures and I believe this is the simple answer to this discussion. Jesus is the “Word of God” and He is perfect, without error and infallible in every way. There is no misinterpretation or misunderstanding in Him if we will only look at His Life and His ministry on earth.

That is as far is I will go on this post into this area… but I hope you will think about it as you continue to read and study the Bible…  So, no I do not believe the Bible is a man, but I do believe the “Word of God” is the perfect Son of God and HE contains no errors and is perfect in every way…

Thirdly… I believe the Bible is a message. I believe it is a perfect message to an imperfect humanity, who happens to “all” be God’s perfect chosen instruments for conveying His perfect love to thousands and thousands who do not yet know this Man, Jesus.

I believe “we” who use the Bible, read the Bible and understand the Bible, should stop using it as a weapon of warfare and start using it as a “Peacemaker” … I believe “we” myself included have far too long used this “Love Letter” to a lost and dying humanity, to further our own causes and ideals, … to inflict pain and torment on lost souls seeking peace, love and grace in and through other religions and institutions who can only offer rules, regulations, creeds, moral and social codes as enlightenment, … leaving these poor souls empty and void of the “LOVE and Mercy and Grace” that the Message of this book, the Bible reveals… It should ONLY be used as a weapon for the tearing down of strongholds of powers, principalities and Rulers of Darkness in HIGH places…. and I will leave it to you to decide who and what this description reveals…

So, yes I do think the Bible is a message… whether it is Good News or bad news is more in the deliverer or messenger than in the message itself, which is the Gospel, the Good News… It has only become bad news because “we” have delivered it in the wrong spirit.

Now… Lastly. I do believe the Bible is an instruction “Manuel” … notice the pun? …not a book of rules and regulations and penalties and curses and such?…  I believe the Bible was/is written to Humanity as a whole… and not just the Ancients or Barbarians, but to one and all of us. I do however believe the Bible was written in a society by those of that society and culture where things were much different than they are today… Not the problems and challenges that face us as humans, those are the same in every generation, culture and society… I mean the thinking, philosophy and superstitions  were much different then and “we” should take these differences into consideration when we read, study, and most of all before we deliver the Message.

The reason for the “Pun” is this… the Bible is a book, a manual as it were about a Manuel, “Emmanuel” in fact, who came from OLD the beginnings, to show us the Message of who God is, how God thinks, how God acts and reacts to the mistakes and misunderstandings of mankind. … Jesus as the “Word of God” is God’s perfect idea of a man, a perfect man who will lay down His life so that the True Message of God’s Love can be heard in each and every generation since the beginning of time and eternity… He, Jesus is the perfect Messenger and the perfect Message for the World… Their world, your world and my world!

I could go on and on, but you would get tired of reading… and I would get tired of writing, but Thanks be to God, he does not get tired, ever, of us and He never, ever will and that is the Truth… forever

Hope this has helped with some of your questions… it sure has helped with some of mine!

Love in Jesus!


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