Hell? .. What is it?.. Where is it? “Explore”


Just a Note: “I try my best not to tell folks what they should believe… my intent as a teacher is to help people who are struggling with what they already have been taught they must believe.”

Thanks! Just felt I needed to say this…


What the hell is Hell anyway?

Much talk going on today about Hell… If it exist, is it eternal, who, if any will be there and for how long? etc. To be truthful, I must say, I don’t really know… do you? Oh, don’t get me wrong, I know what the Bible says; I have studied the subject many times… I know what the popular accepted belief of today is, or at least it seems to be accepted. As I talk to folks about the subject, I find many who do not agree or accept the commonly held views on Hell, but most are just reluctant to come-out and say-so!

I am not going into great detail or debate on this, but I am going to share a few of my own thoughts and hopefully maybe answer some questions many of us are just too uncomfortable to ask in a formal setting…  Again these are ‘just my thoughts’, my ‘pondering’ and may not be as theologically sound as you might like them to be. That is ok, we as Christians are allowed to think freely and critically about things that don’t set right with us in our spirit. In fact we are even told to do so many more times in the Bible than we have been led to believe… So here goes!!!

First of all, I think much of what we hear preached on Hell today has just been handed down to us from generations past without much study or investigation on the history or the validity of this teaching or doctrine, if you prefer… We just assume that since the doctrine has been around so long it must have been there all-along, but this is simply not true! … A quick study of the doctrine of Hell and eternal damnation will reveal SURPRISING results. “Wikipedia” is a great and inexpensive way to begin to investigate on your own… Here is a link to get you started, if you dare to go there…  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_views_on_Hell , this is only a small part of a large document, so please read it all when you are ready… Now just a small suggestion. Try to do your research outside of already established schools of thought, these only use the Bible to prove their own views. Most of these sites cherry-pick verses to uphold their preconceived notions of what Hell is. Regardless of what you have been told… you will not go to Hell if you use history and resources outside of the scriptures themselves.

Like I stated above: “I try not to tell you what to believe.” I do not try to make you believe what I believe, my goal is to help you investigate what you believe and why you believe what you believe… One of my favorite verses in the Bible is this:

I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.Revelation 1:18
Many times today, we think of keys as something to unlock doors and start cars with and such… but in Bible times keys were more thought of as a sign of ownership or even more often, as clues or hints so to speak.
So when you read verses like Revelation 1:18 and similar verses, try to remember to put it into the context of maybe something hidden, for you to find or discover and not as, something locked away so it can never be known… When Jesus says “He holds the keys” or “He is giving the keys” and such statements… ask Him to explain, He will.
I am going to wrap this up now, before I go on too long and start giving away the clues and hints that I SO much enjoy discovering on my own… with the aid of His Spirit or course…
I hope I have maybe ‘sparked’ your interest to dive into the “Mysteries” of the Scriptures.
They are not mysteries to be left and unsolved…. NO, they are mysteries to be Explored and understood…
Happy Treasure Hunting…. in Jesus name, and have a blast from the past!!!

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