Is God an Experience!? You decided..

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. — Romans 12:2 (NIV)


I personally believe too many of us today have just stopped thinking about God!…. Have you???

I often wonder about the reason for this, it may be because we have not been taught it is ok…? Not sure about you, but growing up in the religious community… I was not allowed to “think out of the box” too far… Oh, don’t get me wrong.. I was allowed to ask questions and come up with different ways of expressing “truth” as long as it didn’t upset anyone or go against one of the 1,000 commandments of church doctrine… and denominational creeds…

Most often, questions were responded to with “pad” answers and if the “pad” was not accepted, then I was told, “well God is way beyond our understanding and comprehension and some things, we just cannot question.” ??? …Did you ever get stuff like that thrown at you? Have you ever wondered what God is like … and just been afraid to ask? Or have you just given up, because like I, just got tired of asking the same people the same questions and getting the same answers?…. And, were they telling me and you the “truth”…? 

“”Let’s Explore””

First let me explain… I do not believe I was ever misguided purposely or intentionally by most of those I went to for answers… Yes…There are folks out there using the Bible and it’s treasures and mysteries for their own glory and agendas, but most are not. They just ‘plain and simple,’ don’t know. They have asked the same questions, gotten the same “non-answers” and are just passing them on to us… me and you. So the answer I found is, to discover, explore own my own.

We are allowed to do this you know? God gave us all a brain. (see picture) Some of us apparently have said “no thanks” …but we will not get into that… today at least. (LOL)

I titled this blog “Is God and Experience?.. You decide” because “Life” is an experience… from birth to death, life is one experience after another. One memory alongside other memories. The Bible calls this “from faith to faith” and that is an excellent description of the life of a believer… any believer!  So, to answer my own question, yes, God is an experience. Sorry if you don’t agree!

Yes, I do believe God is real, as real as you, and as real as me!  Reality would not, could not exist, without a real Creator creating a real world with real people, real animals and such… but just as we learn life through lessons (experiences) and these experiences shape us and mold us into a real person, “Life” is experience. “Life” is real flesh and blood experiences.



Sometimes it can be very challenging trying to separate what is real life… from what is not! Do you agree?

Jesus said, “I Am the way, the truth and the life“… Wow.. what a statement!! ..Wonder what that means? … I cannot answer that for you… I have enough trouble answering that for me… I will say however, I am willing to experience that “The Life” Jesus is speaking of… are you?… really? 

Really, .. Jesus was/is God in the flesh. “and the Word was made flesh and lived among us”  I believe Jesus is God experiencing “life”… in a flesh and blood body. Now… I shall not go into great philosophical debate or deductive reasoning on this idea or… on this blog, as that would defeat the purpose…

I will close by saying this: “The Bible is full of humankind’s experiences with God and also God’s experiences with humankind”… You can believe what you choose about Jesus as I have suggested Him above… I do believe Jesus is “much more” real than we think and have allowed ourselves to experience… I HOPE you will become interested in getting “The Book” and maybe exploring a little bit on your own… you never know, That Book just may open up another world… even More Real than this one…?

Happy Hunting and Love in Jesus!

And no I am not selling books, the Book is your Bible, you probably have one already 😉


“AVOID OPEN MINDEDNESS at all cost… it may led you to the EXTREME…”



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