One of THOSE days!?

Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
delete    ….Many of us today have our own plans and ideas of Life and the way we believe things are supposed to go…
We believe we are doing our duty as believer’s by rising early in the morning and asking God to bless us and protect us as we go about our day. We believe God exist as our savior, protector and friend to help us accomplish our purpose and destiny in Life…
Oh, how wrong we are..??
Today is an example of One of THOSE days… when I learn how wrong I am about Life at times… I left the picture above a little small and a bit fuzzy for a reason… Why did I do that? …Glad you asked… because I believe we see God’s promises and plans for us as a small, blurred picture at times… We can still tell what is going on… but everything seems to be somewhat out of focus.. Know what I mean?
Let me give you a for instance…
This morning I got up early as usual, got coffee and settled down to think, ponder and meditate on God’s word.. so I could receive some inspiration on what to post today… After all, posting about “Good God things” is good right??   I think He wants me to do this blog or I wouldn’t be doing it..  I have kind of a routine I follow and I don’t think anything is wrong with routines in general.. but sometimes I get frustrated, aggravated and agitated when other stuff begins to ruin my routine…. Does that ever happen to you? ……
Today as I was routinely going about my good God things that I know He had planned for me to do today because I am doing what I know He wants me to do…. things started happening.. The phone rang and I answered it. …It was my daughter and she asked what I was doing…
Me: …Same thing I am doing every morning… writing. What’s up?
Her: Oh not much, just, and, but… (15mins.) and now this …and that, (30mins.)  not really sure what to do… maybe I should… or maybe if we.., (45mins.) …What do you think daddy?
Ok. There you have it… routine shot, time I like to post by past, subject of the post forgotten!!!  All the inspiration gone, ….Frustration, anxiety, agitation rising and now….. “What do you think daddy?”
God had changed MY PLANS… God had interrupted MY ROUTINE… God had messed up all MY TIME I was planning to spend doing GOD’s WILL for Him today…
And that is where I mess up all the time… How about you??
Now, please don’t misunderstand me… I love my daughter, she is a mature, beautiful mother of three of the Grandest kids…and step-mother (don’t tell her I called her a stepmother) to two more of the Grandest kid’s…   She is a strong and courageous follower of Jesus and deeply spiritual.. For her to ask my opinion on something is a compliment and a position I cherish… understand?
MY BLOG is not is not even working right today.. not double spacing for paragraphs and such… Acting crazy …. SO, I am going to stop and see what GOD’s PLANS are for me today! 
Before I go, can I just say… Things are always going according to GOD’s plans for my Life and for your Life, but things don’t always go as we believe God has planned for our lives to go. …I know that is hard to understand.. especially when we are in the middle of a change in direction that has caught us off-guard…because we were/are doing good things for God… and God does not mind us doing good things for Him until He has GOD things to do for US… Get it?
Let me say it another way…. I tell people all the time: Even if you are going the wrong way and doing the wrong things… God planned for it to happen that way. God allows us to do things OUR way, God even allows us to do things the wrong way ..and He has planned for all of that to happen to us as part of His plans for us. ..We are always in God’s plans or His will so to speak. …He has planned for it all… Life with all of its certainties and uncertainties IS GOD’s plan for us…
God planned for MY DAY not to go MY WAY today… HE had plans for me to do something different, He had planned for me to see something new and in a different way.. He planned for MY BLOG to be on another subject than I planned… and I GUESS He even planned for it to look different… from the way I LIKE IT TO LOOK.!!! …I had to stop today, and see it GOD’s way… and with that I WILL END… but God will not..! He has other plans for me today…that I know nothing of yet? …And of that, I am CERTAIN…
SO, the Next time things are not working out for you… God may be showing you something different too….

Love in Him! 

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the
Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.
I do not even know where the “tags” for this post came from… or why?

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