Vaugue and Ambiguous ON Purpose

Some topics, themes and teachings in the Bible seem to stand out so bold and obvious that they cannot be missed even with casual reading. Often, these topics which WE believers become so bold and confident of are the very topics, themes and teachings in the Scriptures that cause the problems we see in the Body of Christ today… Disagreements, disputes, divisions, denominations and so forth.

You would think we could agree that a Vase is a vase, or a Face is a face, or that Black is black and White is white… don’t you agree.??? … sorry, I couldn’t help but ask. LOL! 

But it seems that we can’t…. It is the stuff which there should be no questions about.. that become the questions that cause all the problems… SEE?

I have fun writing ambiguously and vaguely at times… can’t you tell?   Most folks do not like this style of writing because more often than not, we come away from it with more questions than we do answers.. and that’s the point?? 

Now, I will be BLUNT which will be obvious… Most of US just don’t like to THINK for ourselves!!!  We have been raised in slavery and we are not accustomed to thinking freely and unobstructed.  Sorry I had to be so blunt… BUT sometimes vagueness just doesn’t work… does it?

May I offer my view on what I mean by Slavery? …I will try not to take too much of your time and I promise to leave you with more questions than answers… Ok? …. You and I have been born into a world controlled by forces of darkness… this verse is evidence of what I mean…For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. —Ephesians 6:12 (NIV) …Now, I will not give you my definition of this verse because I want you to decide yourself what the words covey to you. ..I refuse to try to convince you of the identity of these forces or how they operate in this world! …Why? …Because I would be taking your thoughts and ideas captive (into slavery) to my point of view… However, I do hope you see.. that there are Ungodly forces in this world attempting to control you and I for their own ungodly purposes.. Is that clear?

No, it’s not clear… I know it’s not clear and that is my point exactly… Life is not clear and neither is Our Book on Life so clear at times either.. The Bible is not intended to be as clearly defined as we would like for it to be… Because??  We are all individuals with different ways of seeing things and understanding Truth.. Can we agree on that? …Let me say it this way: We do not need to keep on agreeing to disagree.. (which has never made any sense to me anyway since we are agreeing to just keep on disagreeing???) WE need to start AGREEING that we all see and learn things differently and IT IS OK that, that’s the way it is… 

I am not saying that Truth changes to agree with the way we perceive and conceive it… or Him?    No; Truth changes US, ..our perceptions and conceptions of Life until we come into agreement with the Way, the Truth, and the Life… Jesus. …..He changes us… while He is unchanging and unaltered by our differences and disagreements with Him.. or His ways which we often misunderstand..

When and if we can ever ALL agree that God brings us all back to Him in different ways, at different times, on differing trails and through different trials and experiences in Life.. THEN, we can begin to see The Same ONE GOD and Father of us all, leading us all through Life in this ungodly world… exactly the same way… while at the same time much differently… Do you agree??  and ..It’s OK, if you don’t..

Love in Him!


Ephesians 4:4-6

New International Version (NIV)

There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called;  one Lord, one faith, one baptism;  one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.



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