Going out of Business Temporarily

Just Thinking will be going out of business for awhile…



The Bible tells us to give, and it will be given to us.

..I hope I have given enough for you to think about for awhile..

If you read or glance at my post and the images are gone, I do not know why?

I must stay focused on what is important and that is what God is saying in His world today.

Hopefully I will return soon with new insights.

I will leave you with ONE thought,

Are Christians really all that different from the world?

Think about that!!!

Love in Him!




Until the Church gets out from under the burden and guilt of sin, she will never be effective in the world today. The world is looking for a refuge from sin, not a reminder of it!!…


The true Gospel is the good news that Jesus has revealed God, the true God to mankind. The Gospels are the good news Jesus revealed according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Paul. The whole Bible is the Scriptures.. The Gospel is the Good News about Jesus in those Scriptures.. Everything in the Scriptures is not Good News and therefore is not the Gospel… All the Good News in the Scriptures is the Gospel and that’s the truth
Jesus is the truth, the way and the Life…


Marcus McCord
“Why could we not cast it out?” (Mark 9:28)
We can remain powerless forever, as the disciples were in this situation, by trying to do God’s work without concentrating on His power, and by following instead the ideas that we draw from our own nature. We actually slander and dishonor God by our very eagerness to serve Him without knowing Him.
We cannot work for God.. unless God is working for us.. Just because we claim to be doing something for Jesus doesn’t mean it is something Jesus would do! We are called to do the same things that Jesus did even greater… not to do different things for Him!
Is there a difference?
You decide
Many of us have come to Jesus based on denominational and theological understanding of the Scriptures. We have been immersed not only in water but also steeped in Church traditions, ceremonial practices, doctrine and dogma, procedures, methods, biblical instruction and so forth and so on; but Jesus has never spoken to us and said “Come”
We are still trying to get to Jesus through weariness and heavy burdens, straining at the yoke of religion. When we are ready to hear Jesus’ “Come” we will also be ready to lay all these other ways down and simply come just as we are, wherever we may be…
Only those with huge self interests would be upset by the Church’s expansion outside the walls of their buildings and structures, institutions and organizations.
Religion cannot tolerate freedom…

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