Change in Concept

I have decided to stop posting visuals with my post and to start limiting them to just a few words..

The pictures continue to disappear and I really do not have the time or energy to find out why, so I will just stop using them. I suppose it has something to do with copyrights or some foolishness such as that… It seems that everything is owned today by someone and you have to get their permission to use it or pay for it or pay a penalty if you don’t pay for it and I am just tired of it all.

God gives us everything.. He does not charge us for the air we breath, nor the rain that falls. He freely gives us the sun that shines and the wind that blows. He gives us fall colors in the trees and beautiful seashores, sunrises and sunsets… He gives us life and sustains it for us and we can’t let someone use a picture we took without charging them or giving them our permission. I could go on and on about all the freedoms we have in God through Jesus, but I will let you come up with some of your own.

Please if I say anything on this blog that you like and want to repeat, just feel free to do so.. You don’t need to ask or be concerned that I may get you for plagiarism or anything of the sort. I figure if I have said something you think someone else needs to hear, then it most likely came from God anyway and He tells me; “freely you have received, freely give.”  So I do just that.

Now enough of the rant…

What I want to say today is brief.. I think the Bible is the greatest book in the world and many, many people have been strengthened in their walk through Bible reading and Bible study. That being said, I am here to tell you that Jesus never commissioned us to be Bible readers and Bible studiers, He did ask us to become His followers and He promised that He had all the power and all the authority not only to call us to follow but also to empower us to follow Him in His work in this world… Bible reading and study is great and I am glad if you are involved in either, but when it finally comes down to following, and it will sooner or later, your faith will not be sufficient from reading, studying or attending Church alone…to follow Him! 

Faith to follow Jesus Christ does not come from study, it comes from experience. You can sit and read and study a book on building a house but when you actually start to build the house you will find that it does not always, if ever go according to the book. Books are Great for gathering information, information however does not empower faith, only experience does. Many are those who read the do it yourself manuals and start a project only to become frustrated and either give up or go ahead and call a professional.

Please do not be fooled, Satan could care less about how much you read and study your Bible as long as you never lay it down and start following Jesus. Following is what stirs up hell against a Christian, not reading… What you have read and what you have studied will become useful to you along the way, but by themselves will never produce the faith to follow.

That is all I have to say today and like I said it is free… so take it and use it as you choose!

Love in Him!


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