Wickedness and Powerlessness..


2 Thessalonians 2

Living Bible (TLB)

1-2 And now, what about the coming again of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to meet him? Please don’t be upset and excited, dear brothers, by the rumor that this day of the Lord has already begun. If you hear of people having visions and special messages from God about this, or letters that are supposed to have come from me, don’t believe them. Don’t be carried away and deceived regardless of what they say.

For that day will not come until two things happen: first, there will be a time of great rebellion against God, and then the man of rebellion will come—the son of hell. He will defy every god there is and tear down every other object of adoration and worship. He will go in and sit as God in the temple of God, claiming that he himself is God. Don’t you remember that I told you this when I was with you? And you know what is keeping him from being here already; for he can come only when his time is ready.


Most of what the modern Church teaches today is not even biblical. Just because a sermon, philosophy, cause or ideology can be backed up with bible text DOES NOT make it biblical…
If the Spirit of the Living God is not behind your ideas of what is biblical, there is no power in the text you are using to sell your product.

For too long the Church has been using the written word of God to serve it’s own agenda and purposes, now those who make up the modern Church do not even know the Truth of God’s Word and therefore are powerless to ward off the increase of wickedness… 

We like to believe that an increase of wickedness is the reason for powerlessness in the Church.. when really it is powerlessness in the Church that allows for the increase in wickedness!

If you are still preaching and teaching only what you have heard and learned through modern day doctrine and theologies and you cannot feel the POWER of the Holy Spirit in your words and actions, you are not reveling the Power of God in the world today…

Love in Him!


 As for the work this man of rebellion and hell will do when he comes, it is already going on, but he himself will not come until the one who is holding him back steps out of the way.

Then this wicked one will appear, whom the Lord Jesus will burn up with the breath of his mouth and destroy by his presence when he returns. This man of sin will come as Satan’s tool, full of satanic power, and will trick everyone with strange demonstrations, and will do great miracles. 10 He will completely fool those who are on their way to hell because they have said no to the Truth; they have refused to believe it and love it and let it save them, 11 so God will allow them to believe lies with all their hearts, 12 and all of them will be justly judged for believing falsehood, refusing the Truth, and enjoying their sins.

   Living Bible (TLB)
2 Thessalonians 2:7-12


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