Random Rambling…


I have been doing a good bit of listening the last few months instead of writing or speaking. Following are thoughts I have found helpful to me and I hope and pray you will find them helpful to you as well.

~Freed to Follow~ is just a tag, so to speak, and not the official title of anything I know of. These thoughts are my thoughts and are not copied from a book, however if someone would like to assemble them and write a book, I think that would be grand. ..Enjoy!


If we truly understood our Father’s passion for His creatures and His creation, we would all be cheering one another along, instead of hoping for the demise of our enemies!
If there are no unsaved people, ..only unknowing ones; would this change how you view others?~Freed to Follow~


We are all exactly where we are supposed to be today in our walk with God, but none of us are where we will be tomorrow with Him, if we are truly following Jesus! We will forever be growing deeper, stronger and more powerful in His almighty love for us and all of His creation and this should be impacting how we relate to God as well as our fellows on a day to day basis..       ~Freed to Follow~


There is always more room for wisdom in the wise, as there is never enough room for wisdom in those who know already!


Having a personal relationship with Jesus is very important but, just as important is what the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus did, to forever change the fate of all humanity. While we all need to know Jesus on a personal level, this is only the beginning of a new individual awakening into an eternal, global and universal plan for all humanity and all of creation for all time. ~Freed to Follow~


The “Life of God” is never changing but forever changing us! ..If you do not know God differently today than you did several years back, then it is likely you do not know Him at all ..but only know of Him!
The “Life of God” in you and in I, should always be growing and changing what we know and believe about Him as well as how we follow in His footsteps!
The “Life of God” in us, should constantly be increasing our vision and broadening our horizons…  ~Freed to Follow~


There are many today who learn about Jesus by reading of Him. They believe they know Him by what He said and did according to what is written about Him. ..This is good, BUT, Jesus said “..Learn FROM me..” not, learn about me!

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
–Matthew 11:29 (NIV)

Many have another step to go ..a BIG step!
~Freed to Follow~


There are always a multitude of opinions, but only one truth. There are many opinions of the truth, yet only one truth remains. There are many things that are true but are not the truth.
Jesus is the Truth, the only truth!
Don’t be fooled by things that are true, but are not the truth, ask Jesus because His Truth will always set you free… ~Freed to Follow~


The New Testament is not the second part of the Old Testament. The New Covenant is not an addition to The Old Covenant. The Old Covenant was a legal agreement between God and Israel, depending on Israel’s obedience, in order to be blessed by God. The New Covenant is an agreement between God and the Son of God and is based on the obedience of Christ in order for the whole world to be blessed. So, ..if you choose to remain under the Old Covenant, you must obey all the requirements of the law in order to be blessed ..but if you choose the New Covenant you will be blessed by the obedience of Christ to the law. ..If you choose to remain between the two covenants, you will still be blessed by the obedience of Christ to the law ..but you will be tempted to believe it is your obedience to the law that is causing your blessings. ~Freed to Follow~
Love in Him!


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