~ About the Blog ~

Hi, my name is Marcus and I do not like to talk about myself, but I will give you a small bit of information so you will know where I am coming from when I blog…

I am an ordained minister in the Non-denominational sect of Christianity… I have served as an Associate Pastor, in different organizations and also as a Discussion leader for several Home Groups or House Churches  and/or Bible studies if you will… I have served as a Sunday School teacher in several denominational and non-denominational Churches…

I love to do research and explore the History of Christianity, Josephus, History of The Early Church Fathers and so forth… In my research and studies, many things have surfaced that are – not taught, taught improperly, misinterpreted, misrepresented or misunderstood – in many of the teachings in the Modern Church and Post Modern Church of this day and age, especially in American Churches

I do not wish to cause division nor strife in any “Christian Organization” whatsoever!.. So, I have chosen to write and teach independently of any “organization” and in an informal and public setting through this… “Just Thinking Blog”… format!

It is not my intentions to correct any of the Popular teachings or popular Teachers of the Church today. … My only goal is to convey my “Own Thoughts or Pondering” and encourage others to study for themselves the Scriptures and the Mysteries they contain…

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy Exploring the Truth….


I love this picture too!


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